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Table 3 mRNA expression of genes in B. thermophilus presented as a fold-change value with animals exposed at 10°C as a calibrator.

From: Molecular identification of differentially regulated genes in the hydrothermal-vent species Bathymodiolus thermophilus and Paralvinella pandorae in response to temperature

Genes Fold-change (calibration to 10°C)
Down-regulated at 20°C  
Defensin 1192.69
Elongation Factor beta 4.59
Ribosomal protein L3 6.23
Foot protein 3.36
Pedal retractor muscle myosin 5.17
Adhesive plaque matrix protein 2.83
Actin 4.03
Secreted Protein, Acidic, Rich in Cystein (SPARC) 7.21
S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase 5.24
Cyclofilin S 4.35
Δ5-desaturase 8.28
Carbonic anhydrase 2 11.39
Adenylate kinase 6.59
Gluthatione peroxidase 6.28
Cytosolic malate dehydrogenase 8.75
HSP90 6.23
BthermEST1 2.57
Up-regulated at 20°C  
Kalicludine 1.06
Myc homolog 12.30
Techylectin 5A 6.63