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Table 4 mRNA expression of genes in P. pandorae presented as a fold-change value with animals exposed at 10°C as a calibrator.

From: Molecular identification of differentially regulated genes in the hydrothermal-vent species Bathymodiolus thermophilus and Paralvinella pandorae in response to temperature

Genes Fold-change (calibration to 10°C)
Up-regulated at 20°C  
Hemoglobin A2c 250
Hemoglobin B2 31.25
Linker L1 142.86
PpandEST2 13.33
Xylan endohydrolase 5.13
Down-regulated at 20°C  
Intracellular Hemoglobin 1226.22
Linker L2 4.03
Secreted Nidogen domain protein 1278.29
S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase 35.51
Chymotrypsinogen 20.46
PpandEST1 1.53
Ribosomal protein S16 1640.59
Lipid binding protein 1.80
Rab 7 2469.49