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Table 2 Predicted characteristics of bacterial homologues of pepsin

From: Pepsin homologues in bacteria

Species Length Predicted active site residues Alien_Hunter score (threshold)
Colwellia psychrerythraea 441 D36, Y68, D300 6.975 (14.690)
Marinomonas sp. MWYL1 406 D49, F95, D274 13.692 (13.678)
Shewanella amazonensis 445 D37, Y69, D282 4.976 (13.455)
Shewanella denitrificans 429 D37, Y69, D287 8.983 (10.423)
Shewanella loihica 561 D41, Y73, D399 3.441 (15.338)
Shewanella sediminis 514 D41, Y88, D364 12.942 (15.906)
Sinorhizobium medicae 368 D53,F97,D243 5.649
8.762 (16.612)
  1. Predicted active site residues are numbered according to the translation of the respective coding sequence. The threshold scores for Alien Hunter analysis are given in parenthesis after the raw score; a different threshold exists for each genome analysis. The pepsin homologue in Sinorhizobium medica is derived from a gene that is split between two 5000-residue windows in the Alien Hunter analysis, hence there are two scores.