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Table 6 List of mutations used in polymorphism mapping experiments.

From: A toolkit for rapid gene mapping in the nematode Caenorhabditis briggsae

Mutation Phenotype Linkage group based on phenotypic markers Linked chromosome and polymorphisms Mutation source
lev(sy5440) Lev-R, Unc LGI (Cbr-lin-11) 1 (bhP34) Sternberg lab
lin(bh25) Egl, Lin, Unc ? 1 (bhP1, bhP29, cb650) Gupta lab
dpy(nm4) Dpy LGII (Cbr-unc-4) 2 (bhP21) Haag lab
dpy(sy5148) Dpy LGII (Cbr-unc-4) 2 (bhP21) Sternberg lab
dpy(s1272) Dpy LGIII 3 (bhP12, bhP14, bhP18) Baillie lab
unc(sa972) Unc, Sma LGIII (dpy(s1272)) 3 (bhP14, bhP18) Thomas lab
lin(bh20) Egl, Vul LGIII (dpy(s1272)) 3 (bhP14, bhP38, bhP40) Gupta lab
unc(sy5422) Unc LGIV (unc(s1270)) 4 (bhP9, bhP11, bhP15, bhP16) Sternberg lab
unc(sa997) Unc LGV 5 (bhP24, bhP31) Thomas lab
unc(sy5415) Unc ? 5 (bhP37) Sternberg lab
unc(sy5506) Unc LGX X (bhP26) Sternberg lab
dpy(sy5001) Dpy LGX X (bhP36, cb-m136, cb-m197, cb-m204) Sternberg lab
  1. Mutations are arranged by linkage group (LG) that corresponds to respective chromosome. For locations of polymorphism, refer to Figure 3. The mutant phenotypes are - Lev-R: Resistant to 1 mM levamisole; Unc: Uncoordinated; Dpy: Dumpy; Egl: Egg-laying defective; Lin: Lineage defective; Sma: Small; Vul: Vulvaless. Question marks (?) refer to mutations that were not mapped by phenotypic markers.