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Table 2 Expression detected

From: The cost of reducing starting RNA quantity for Illumina BeadArrays: A bead-level dilution experiment

Quantity of starting RNA: 250 ng 100 ng 50 ng 10 ng least one array-section 15,880 15,597 15,691 14,090
...both UHRR and Brain 11,992 11,248 10,965 8,775
...all array-sections 9,964 9,178 8,996 5,975
mean number of array-sections 6.94 6.59 6.47 4.95
  1. For each of the four experiments, we report the number of analysis-group bead-types for which expression was detected in at least one of the 18 array-sections, at least one of the two 100% UHRR array-sections and at least one of the two 100% Brain array-sections, and in all 18 array-sections. Additionally for the analysis-group bead-types, we report the mean number of array-sections out of 18 in which expression is detected.