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Table 2 Sweetpotato accessions used for SSR testing

From: A sweetpotato gene index established by de novo assembly of pyrosequencing and Sanger sequences and mining for gene-based microsatellite markers

CIP number Species Cultivar Name Origin Description
107665.9 Ipomoea trifida M9 CIP diploid mapping parent
107665.19 Ipomoea trifida M19 CIP diploid mapping parent
401206 Ipomoea batatas 401206 Mexico hexaploid, landrace
420027 Ipomoea batatas Zapallo Peru hexaploid, landrace
440025 Ipomoea batatas Xushu 18 China hexaploid, improved variety
440131 Ipomoea batatas Naveto Papua New Guinea hexaploid, landrace
440132 Ipomoea batatas Beauregard USA hexaploid mapping parent, improved variety
440166 Ipomoea batatas Tanzania Uganda hexaploid mapping parent, landrace