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Table 2 Distribution of WSINE1 variants in three different marsupial orders

From: Expansion of CORE-SINEs in the genome of the Tasmanian devil

Sarcophilus 9.29% (7864) 1.4% (1187) 89.3% (75603)
Isoodon 0.1% (1) 3.0% (31) 96.9% (989)
Macropus 73.6% (23499) 7.7% (2463) 18.6% (5956)
  1. The values for Tasmanian devil are based on the analysis of the full genome, Isoodon on the available trace sequences (approximate 5 million nt), and Macropus on a screening of the complete genome. The abundances of the three variants are expressed as % with the copy number in parenthesis. Only the complete WSINE1s (84,654 copies) were used in the analysis, as many are fragmented and lack the regions needed to safely define the subfamily.