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Table 2 Enriched gene ontology functions in gene regulatory module 1

From: Reconstructing differentially co-expressed gene modules and regulatory networks of soybean cells

  Enriched GO function Number of genes P-value
GO:0006350 P:transcription 11 3.57E-03
GO:0006355 P:regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 9 1.60E-04
GO:0007047 P:cellular cell wall organization 6 9.88E-04
GO:0009873 P:ethylene mediated signaling pathway 3 1.00E-02
GO:0008360 P:regulation of cell shape 3 6.06E-04
GO:0009877 P:nodulation 3 1.44E-04
GO:0042744 P:hydrogen peroxide catabolic process 3 2.00E-02
GO:0009252 P:peptidoglycan biosynthetic process 3 4.31E-04
GO:0043565 F:sequence-specific DNA binding 6 8.73E-04
GO:0003700 F:transcription factor activity 8 8.96E-04
GO:0030528 F:transcription regulator activity 3 1.00E-02
GO:0046983 F:protein dimerization activity 3 2.00E-02
GO:0004601 F:peroxidase activity 3 2.00E-02
GO:0003680 F:AT DNA binding 3 2.37E-05
GO:0003690 F:double-stranded DNA binding 3 3.76E-05
  1. Columns 1 and 2 list the GO terms and the names of the enriched GO biological processes and molecular functions, respectively. P - biological process, F - molecular function. Columns 3 and 4 report the number of genes with the predicted function and the corresponding p-value of enrichment. The p-values were calculated according to a hypergeometric distribution as in[6].