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Table 4 Binding site predictions for module 1 and module 2

From: Reconstructing differentially co-expressed gene modules and regulatory networks of soybean cells

Module Consensus sequence Motif logo P-value TF motif TF family
1 AAAAAGAAA 1.68e-05 AZF1 BetaBetaAlpha – Zinc Finger
2 ACCCCACT 3.74e-04 YGR067C BetaBetaAlpha – Zinc Finger
  1. Column 1 lists the putative consensus DNA binding motifs. Column 2 is the motif logo visualizing the information content of nucleotides (i.e. information content) at each position of the DNA motifs. Column 3 shows the p-value of the motifs. Column 4 is the predicted TF motifs that may bind to the DNA motifs. Column 5 is the family name of the TFs that may bind to the DNA motifs. The TF motifs were predicted by TomTom from the DNA binding motifs.