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Figure 7

From: Transcriptome analysis of the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans directed to the global identification of promoters

Figure 7

Dinucleotide composition around transcription start sites. The proportions of all possible dinucleotides from 100 bp upstream to 25 bp downstream of 4637 putative ‘tight’ transcription start sites (100-200 bp upstream shows no perturbation from the 6.5% expected by chance and is not shown). A small peak in AA, AT and TA frequencies in the region -45 to -30 may represent the TATA box. From -50 to +25 around the transcription start site is enriched for pyrimidine pairs (TT, TC, CT, CC) and the TSS and position -1 is strongly enriched for CA, reflecting the single nucleotide frequencies at these positions.

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