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Table 3 MAPMAN analysis of over- and under-represented physiological processes for differentially-expressed gene set.

From: Transcriptome analysis identifies novel responses and potential regulatory genes involved in seasonal dormancy transitions of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.)

BIN Function elements p-value
4 glycolysis 8 0.0001
34.19.1 transport major intrinsic proteins, PIP 4 0.0090
21 redox, regulation 6 0.0119
29.2.3 protein synthesis, initiation 4 0.0308
34.21 transport, calcium 3 0.0451
17.2 hormone metabolism, auxin 3 0.0464
  1. The probability (p-value) that the number of genes involved in any given function (elements) were present by chance was obtained using the default parameters of the MAPMAN program.