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Figure 6

From: Extensive intra-phylotype diversity in lactobacilli and bifidobacteria from the honeybee gut

Figure 6

Genome synteny plot of the “Bifido” strains. Comparative analyses of the “Bifido” genomes. The genome and plasmid sequences are represented by horizontal grey lines. The similarity between genomes was inferred with blastn and is shown with connecting grey lines, where darker lines indicate higher similarity. Blue bars show the positions of genes conserved within the “Bifido-1” and “Bifido-2” groups respectively. Yellow bars indicate the positions of genes, which are strain-specific. Red bars indicate the positions of genes containing the RCC1-repeat domain, where the largest region is indicated with text. CRISPR genes are shown in purple. Green bars show the positions of putative eps-clusters. The tree topology is as in Figure 2.

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