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Fig. 3

From: Identification and characterization of functional modules reflecting transcriptome transition during human neuron maturation

Fig. 3

Applications of dNMI in human brain single cell RNA-seq data to investigate neuron maturity dynamics. The estimated dNMI of each neuron sample is shown, as represented by the y-axis, in four public single cell/nucleus RNA-seq data sets. Each dot represents one cell, with cells involved in the training set colored in brown. The dash line represents NMI = 0.5 as the boundary of estimated immature and mature state. For each of the four data sets, cells are grouped based on the respective metadata: Bardy et al. 2016 dataset: action potential (AP) type; Close et al. 2017 dataset: differentiation time; Darmanis et al. 2015: cell donor ages; Lake et al. 2016: neuron subtypes (excitatory and inhibitory neurons). P values of Wilcoxon rank sum test are shown for comparisons of dNMIs between neuron subgroups in each dataset. Purple label on top marks the dataset used to train the NMI model (Darmanis et al. 2015 dataset)

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