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Table 1 Measured landscape descriptors and biochemical parameters (reported in [30, 31]) with correlations ≥0.5. T-* indicates the hydrolyzed T-state

From: From mutations to mechanisms and dysfunction via computation and mining of protein energy landscapes

State d(State, Saddle) dE(State, Saddle)
On P7(-0.84), P3(0.53)
Off P7(0.83) P7(0.58), P0(0.54), P8(0.50)
T- P7(-0.79) P0(0.62)
R- P7(-0.85), P3(0.51) P7(0.61), P0(0.51)
T*- P7(-0.82) P7(0.62), P0(0.54), P8(0.53)