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Table 1 Differential Expression Analysis.

From: Gene expression in a paleopolyploid: a transcriptome resource for the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia

Experiment Statistical model Results
Name Time points Method P-Value Fold-change Number of genes
Autogamy 6 eBayes 0.05   20164
Autogamy 6 treat 0.05 1.5 5558
Autogamy 6 treat 0.05 2 2467
Reciliation 3 eBayes 0.05   1212
Exocytosis recovery 3 eBayes 0.05   526
  1. The limma package was used for all analyses, with either the eBayes [33] or the treat [35] statistical models and the model parameters (p-Value, Fold-change) indicated. The eBayes model does not incorporate a Fold-change. The p-value is adjusted for multiple testing [34] and is therefore equivalent to a false discovery rate (FDR).