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Figure 3

From: A second generation genetic linkage map of Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)

Figure 3

Evidences of differences in recombination regions in male and female maps, Linkage group 2 as an example. The distance from marker "Poli88MHFS " placed in the bin closer to the estimated centromeric region in the male map, to marker "Poli1762TUF", in the second bin, is 2.3 cM. However, in the female map, marker "Poli1762TUF" locates at 36.0 cM from the first bin from the centromeric region. Conversely, .marker "Poli1413TUF" is located at 2.2 cM from the closest bin ("Poli99MHFS") from the telomeric region, but it is 33.6 cM apart in the male map.

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