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Table 3 Enriched functional terms of gene regulatory module 2

From: Reconstructing differentially co-expressed gene modules and regulatory networks of soybean cells

  GO function name Annotation number Hypergeometric P-value
GO:0009813 P:flavonoid biosynthetic process 6 5.94E-07
GO:0006952 P:defense response 4 3.96E-03
GO:0009607 P:response to biotic stimulus 3 1.03E-03
GO:0042744 P:hydrogen peroxide catabolic process 4 5.19E-04
GO:0055114 P:oxidation reduction 19 1.99E-10
GO:0009055 F:electron carrier activity 6 1.17E-04
GO:0020037 F:heme binding 9 2.58E-07
GO:0004497 F:monooxygenase activity 3 2.03E-03
GO:0004601 F:peroxidase activity 5 3.64E-05
GO:0050662 F:coenzyme binding 5 1.71E-06
GO:0045552 F:dihydrokaempferol 4-reductase activity 5 2.01E-08
GO:0047890 F:flavanone 4-reductase activity 5 1.53E-09