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Figure 10

From: Transcriptome analysis of the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans directed to the global identification of promoters

Figure 10

Gene annotation improvement guided by RNA-seq. Example of a correction of misannotated gene models. In the CADRE release 5 annotation two genes, AN10053 and AN10071, were predicted (thick and thin black bars represent exons and introns). Whole transcriptome (middle track, coverage depth plotted in grey) and 5′-specific RNA-seq (top track, coverage depth plotted in grey) revealed the general structure of transcripts produced in this region. Whole transcriptome coverage identified four introns in the region covering the two genes (red), two previously unidentified introns extended AN10053. 5′-specific sequencing identified a single 5′ end for both annotated genes (left dotted line). The combined data indicates a single gene (bottom, grey boxes and black lines represent exons and introns).

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