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Figure 3

From: MOST+: A de novo motif finding approach combining genomic sequence and heterogeneous genome-wide signatures

Figure 3

Distributions of several highly enriched word instances found in CTCF and ESrrb's ChIP-seq dataset: (A). The upper 3 figures are from CTCF dataset. Spurious words show irregular or flat patterns (CTCF word "CTGCCCTCT" versus repeat words: "CTCTCTCTC", "TTTTAAAAA". All three words have odds ratio scores ranging from 3.4 to 4, i.e. in the same level of over-representative ratio), indicating one can make use of tag signals to discriminate motif words from their background. (B). The lower 3 figures are from ESrrb dataset. Distributions of word from Esrrb motif ("CCAAGGTCA" and "CAGAGGTCA", both contains core 'AGGTCA') strongly resemble to each other, while MYF motif component word (lower right corner: "CGGGAGGGG") shows a distinct pattern in distribution (dotted lines show distributions smoothed by a DFT with the top 5/8 higher frequency components removed).

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