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Figure 5

From: One-step generation of multiple transgenic mouse lines using an improved Pronuclear Injection-based Targeted Transgenesis (i-PITT)

Figure 5

PCR-based genotyping. (A) The various possible allele outcomes and primer sets (a - i) used for detecting them. The black and blue arrows indicate universal and DOI-specific primers, respectively. The green arrows indicate semi-universal primers used for identification of targeted insertion for several constructs including pBGX and pBGT. (B) Example of PCR-based genotyping. PCR was performed using 12 samples derived from mixed injection of pBGX and pBGT (see Figure 4E). The primer sets used were as follows (from the top to the bottom): “M273/M839”, “M273/M874”, “M274/M376”, “M645/M646”, “M873/M874”, “#235/M026”, “M273/M879”, “M958/M839”, “M958/M874”, “M953/M839”, “M953/M874”, “M953/M026” and “M273/M026”. See text for more details.

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